Tao Folding Map

Tao Folding Map will allow you to toggle a usefully-large map anytime in game. It will automatically close when you open the big map or open your gear.

Screenshot of Tao Folding Map

It is unique in that it is not centered on your current position. Instead, it is ‘folded’ into areas. This lets you keep a continuous perspective on the battlefield. The page is changed automatically when you cross over the edge.

If you have a GPS or are playing on Regular or lower, your position will be shown. Map markers are shown.

Credits: Folding map system by Taosenai. Automatic darkening of map at night based on the implementation in ShackTac Map Autobrightness Mod by Dslyecxi/zx64.

How to use: Shift-M


Download for ARMA 3: Tao Folding Map 2.6.1 for Arma 3 (zip)
BIKey: Taosenai.bikey